Emails from Pipedrive don't match font/designs from identical emails in Gmail

Alec E
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Hi ya'll,

Curious if anyone has experienced this or had this issue. When we write emails from Pipedrive, we can't get them to perfectly match the font/sizing of identical emails sent from Gmail, especially when looking at emails on mobile.

For example. We'll write an email in Pipedrive, and choose font "Sans serif" and size "14 - Normal," and when viewing in the email in Gmail the text is clearly larger than if we wrote the exact same email in Gmail and used the same character settings.

It seems like size "13 - Medium" is the correct size when viewed on desktop, but when viewed on Gmail app on IOS, both size 13 and 14 appear significantly SMALLER than the default text settings from gmail.

I've attached 4 references here of identical emails sent from Gmail/Chrome, and 3 versions sent from Pipedrive with the settings in the subject line. As you can see, NONE of them match the Gmail reference.

Does anyone know what's causing this?