Please put the 'does not contain' filter back.

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Hi there,

I noticed that the 'does not contain' filter option is gone in Pipedrive. That is such a shame, we use it so much in our filtering of the CRM.

For example, as in the image below. We'd like to filter out all people in this area, but not the 'data' people. How do I do that without using the 'does not contain' filter? :/

Putting the feature back would be of great value to us.





  • Bram
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    Another use case that we use. Filter out people for a certain campaign, or a certain keyword in the campaigns field. Can't do that anymore now 😭.

  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Bram

    We have updated some limits in our Filtering system and indeed "does not contain" is not possible to use on the new filters anymore. All previously saved Filters should continue working, but no edits possible if there are unsupported conditions.

    In your case, if these are single or multiple-option fields, you can use them under ALL conditions defining what is the value (as opposed to what is not).

    However, I understand that in your use case the "does not contain" option was preferred and simpler, so will share this with our team as feedback to review in this change.

  • Laura L
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    Yes, please put the filtering option "does not contain" back ASAP! Currently we are losing money due to this change! Sales people spend time trying to figure out how to filter data and receive result they need instead of spending time to call clients. :(

  • Admin_7835
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    This filtering option was absolutely essential for accounting towards our clients.

    Now we have to do everything within Excel which is even more of a hassle. Please revert this change. The least what could have been done is informing the users in advance that have filters which contain this condition. That also didn't happen.