Ongoing unresolved issue

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I have had this ongoing problem with records being shown as Hidden in the merge duplicates section. The case has been closed out by customer support at least twice and it is currently back open for the 3rd, possibly 4th time. It seems to get closed out by customer support randomly. This is not usual for pipedrive support. Support in every other instance has been prompt and thorough since my first experience back in 2018. This is causing me to think that there is a more critical problem and that my data may have become corrupted or could get corrupted. A very scary thought given how much work I put into maintaining my database. If anyone here can shed some light on my specific situation and maybe get it resolved safely I would appreciate it. I can send the chat log download between customer service if necessary. I am at a point where I would like to import more contact records but am hesitant due to this outstanding issue. Its kinda now impeding my progress.


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