Tracking smaller Statements of work against a larger win.


Has anyone figured out or have ideas on how to track in the CRM tool a deal like below?

We get a multi year multi million dollar deal and within that deal will be smaller deals that draw down on that money. Without going back to the original deal each time and reducing the value is there a better way?


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    My initial instinct is to do something like the following assuming this is common for your business and me having limited details. Create a single option custom field under deal details. Probably called something like "Deal Type" One of the options is going to be called "Umbrella". That umbrella deal is going to represent the initial million dollar deal from the client. The future deals you enter that are used toward that overall value will be represented by other types you have selected in that "Deal Type" field. For example, if it was for an advertising agency they may include: Creative services, media buying, copywriting, etc. If you are a building services it company the other deal types may be: Window cleaning, lawn mowing, snow plowing, landscape enhancements, etc. This is how I would imagine handling it. Additionally when a new won deal is created for that client, or property or whatever the salesperson can reduce the amount of the umbrella deal by the value of the new deal won if you like. However for reporting you can always just filter out the umbrella value regardless. Hope this helps spark a solution.