Sales Inbox: Looking to speak with customers & reseller partners for research

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Hello Pipedrive community members! 👋

Ever find it tough to decide which emails need your attention first? Or does crafting effective email content take up more time than it should?

If this resonates with you, we’d love to have a chat. We’re interested in understanding your workflow, the challenges you face, and gathering feedback on some new features we’re considering.

If you’re up for a conversation, feel free to pick a time that suits you here.

Your insights are truly appreciated, and we’re excited about the opportunity to connect with you! 🙌

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  • Oded BY
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    Hi ,

    Handling the e-mail is an issue for me in Pipedrive . I work in parallell with the outlook and with the Pipedrive which is time consuming . In addition if i go to earlier date e-mails in pipedrive and i process the deal conected to the e-mail , when i go back to the inbox , Pipedrive will bring me to the current date . Imagine if i am working with hundreds of e-mail , it means that i now need to scroll for few minutes to go back to the e-mail i was working on . A real nightmare

    best regards

    Oded Ben Yosef