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Products section needs a lot of work. Part a CRM is for Reps to forecast sales. Pipeline and how much commission is in their pipeline. do you track products if you have a Deal with more than one Supplier. Example...if you have a Deal that has products from one supplier for 25 Apples and another supplier that has 33 Oranges and another one that has 52 Bananas. Every supplier has different commissions, discounts and freight. How does a Rep know how much they are going to make/forecast for the end of the month or quarter or year? How do they run a report on sales to date with results from Products?

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    the system needs a look into products and stock, to incorporate where you could see what products come from what supplier at what costs, so you can set prices to make those set margins. And therefore pay the correct bonuses/commissions to sales reps.

    im struggling with this same issue. For example im trying to have different products at different costs, to make set margins on products and run correct reports, because i use over 400 products and options, even though i have all costs and pieces its impossible to calculate an automated report for most profitable product, without have to manually work out the price of every single line, plus the additional discounts and margins.