Special date field or endless data field

hello, I'm trying to see if it's possible to add a custom field to an organization that shows multiple dates that I had visited that customer. Right now I have a custom field that I labeled. "last visit." so every time I enter a new last visit date, previous date is erased. I want a running tally of those dates to reference in the future. This is actually very useful information for me to find a note by date, determine visit cycle, etc


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    Hi @Michael Carroll_1674!

    Unfortunately, a date-type custom field will only allow you to enter one date at a time. You can use a text field and input more characters, but it won't be an official date field. However, I think this is great feedback I would be happy to pass along!

    I was looking into potential workarounds for this and I am wondering if it could be helpful to use activities in place of this custom field. After you visit, you can create an activity for that organization with a specific subject line such as "last visit" and then you can mark this activity as done! You can then use filters to isolate activities with this specific subject to see when the activity was marked as done! There are some other filters you can use regarding activities as well such as the organization's "last activity date."

    I hope this helps!