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I have 35 question I require to be answer throughout the sale process before the deal can be converted to Won. How and where do I put these questions so that the entire team sees them for each of their deals? Once the deal is one how do I move this data to Basecamp for notes to the project?


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    My initial instinct would be as a custom field in deal details if its going to be necessary to use this data in other places. hopefully these questions can be answered with a single word value and that you can keep the wording of the question to be asked as close to one word as possible. For that last part you may want to use some type of key to reference a full question written down elsewhere as not to take up too much space in the deal details pane.

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    Who needs to answer those questions? Commercial person or your client?

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    I need my sales team to ask them as part of the pre onboarding and was to hope they would live in Pipedrive