How to trigger lead label update when meeting is booked in Calendar

Rhyder Member Posts: 2

Hello all

So my desired workflow is as as follows:

  1. Customer completes leads form with qualifying questions (using pipedrive web forms)
  2. The system will create a contact and a lead
  3. If the customer answers does not qualify, the system will send a "Dear John" letter, and will archive the lead
  4. If the customer answers do qualify, the system will send them an email asking for them to book a meeting using Pipedrives "Propose time" link embedded into the email
  5. If the customer books a meeting, a "Meeting Booked" label will be applied to the lead
  6. Meeting happens, if the meeting successful the sales agent will convert the lead to a deal.

We are only wanting to create deals after the meeting has happened.

So I have managed to achieve steps 1 to 4, however I am struggling with step 5. Is anyone able to help?


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