Customisable navigation: Seeking feedback regarding company-wide configurations

Maris Palopääl
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In light of the recent release of our customisable navigation feature, we've received numerous positive comments and some requests to enable company-wide setups. To gain a clearer understanding, I'd like to ask the following:

  1. How many of you would be interested in having the option to customise the left sidebar for your entire company, meaning that specific items are configured uniformly for all users in the company?
  2. Would you prefer to allow users to personalize their navigation even after you've established company-wide settings, or would you prefer to restrict their ability to make changes?

Please share your responses in this thread. Your feedback is highly valued!

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  • Sean Allison
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    Hi Maris,

    Great questions.

    1. I would very much like this
    2. Restrict ability to make changes

    Most users are not power users. So in a corporate setting, I'd want to be able to control their setup.

    Perhaps a "middling" power user permission to enable certain users ability to make some changes.


  • Alex Stueber
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    Both options are very important.

    Some companies let users to personalised their CRM spaces, others want to have every single user to have the same view as others so it's very important to allow only an admin to manage that in this case.

  • eleanor_freetobook
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    For me, allowing the users in our company to personalise is better as each person is handling different tasks - for example I have added Automations to my menu but my colleagues wouldn't add it to theirs. I can see that other companies may prefer to lock down though.

  • Graham Cox
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    I'd like both options to give maximum flexibility. Company wide and individual settings that can override company wide. But with the admin controlling if individual is on or not.

  • Pipedrive User 164
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    It would be nice to have the option to customize it for others and it would also be ok if they were able to change it afterword. But I don't see it as critical.

  • Blueprint.Inc
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    We also would like enable company-wide and to restrict any changes to admins. Thanks!

  • Maris Palopääl
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    Thank you all for your feedback! We will take this into account when we start working on custom navigation with admin rights.