How to I make a field mandatory when an agent selects Archive for a lead?

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Sorry for a newbie question, I'm new to Pipedrive. This is a pretty basic function, but I can't seem to find it in Pipedrive.

As question, I need to find a way for a particular (or possibly a few) fields to appear mandatory when someone archives a lead.

We need to be able to track data of why the lead is being archived. Eg. Lead Lost reason.

Would appreciate any help.



  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Steve77 👋

    We do have mandatory fields but it works for Deals and not Leads, so we don't have an option to make something mandatory prior to archiving a Lead. It's great feedback, I'll pass it on internally!

    I have a workaround that might work, but it does depend on the plan you are on. We need to use Automations, so you need to have at least the Advanced plan. What we can do is create a automation that will revert the action taken if X field is not completed and also send an email to the Lead owner, asking them to make sure to complete X custom field.

    Here's what the first part would look like:

    And lastly, you'd add an action that would revert the previous action (so it would remove the Lead from the "Archive" section)

    I hope this works for you!