Netsuite & Pipedrive integration is here- asking for feedback

Suzy Stuchell
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Hello Pipedrive Community! 🙂

I am a Sr. Channel Manager in the U.S.A, 🇺🇸 nice to meet you all :)

 I would appreciate your feedback on Netsuite. Have you lost a pipedrive customer or prospect" due to not having the capability to integrate successfully with Netsuite? Reason being, my global partner Faye ( )  is in late stage development of a robust integration for "Netsuite & Pipedrive". We can now help you secure or win back clients if this was a roadblock.

Why Netsuite? ... we conducted meetings with our pipedrive product team over the last few months. It was determined that their is a marketplace need for a strong Netsuite & Pipedrive integration. 

Netsuite is making a play for smaller co's now ( 1-10 users), so the timing good and with pipedrives target market in SMB. 

With this said.. I was asked to check on the following:

  • How often do you run into Netsuite and what challenges have you had integrating with PD? Do you typically have to walk away, or what recommend? ( Skyvia,
  • Do you have Pipedrive customers or prospects with Netsuite now where this integration would be helpful?

Just looking for a brief assessment, as we want to be "in front" of the conditions you may be experiencing. And that we can help.. I can put you in touch with Faye for support on this topic.

If you have examples to share or questions, please reply here or message me at

This initiative is a nice example of leveraging our Partner eco-system to fill value gaps and create satisfied and loyal pipedrive clients. 

                    Thank you so much for any input you can offer, I truly appreciate it!   Suzy ⭐️