Emails in spam or quarantine

Hi All,

I have trouble with the spam filters in Outlook. The first campaign email I have sent out from Pipedrive, was sent not to customers, but to colleges and friends to test it, but ALL of the emails sent out from Pipedrive went to spam or to quarantine, and I had to call up all of my friends "hey, did you receive something from me?" They had to manually release the message.

The same happened, when I tried to send out the double opt in email consent request. The system shows, that I have sent the request, so I cannot do it again, but the customer did not receive it. It was in quarantine.

When I have a look at these messages, Outlook noted this: "We could not verify the identity of the sender" and the subject of quarantine message is: "prevented phish message" It does not look good.

Can you tell me how did you solve these problems, or did you face to these before? This way our customers will not see our emails.

Thank you