Want to add 4 more seats, but with different email client and domain

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We have 2 teams. Sales uses Gmail on one URL, and support uses Outlook on another URL (the support team is part of our parent company, hence the different URL). We have the sales team in Pipedrive now and it's working well. We now want to add the 4 support people who use Outlook.

Can I have multiple domains sending in Pipedrive from the same account (e.g. a salesperson sends from someone@DomainA.co.nz, but a person in my customer support team sends from someone@DomainB.co.nz)?


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    That shouldn't be a problem at all.

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    I believe that they would still need to make the account under the same domain as your if they wanted access to the database but then they could use the different email. The email account used with pipedrive is set up separate to the actual pipedrive account domain.