Introduce API-only user for automations with Zapier, Make or others

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we are using Pipedriver together with Zapier for automations. Very often we create leads or contacts via Zapier. Zapier is connected via a private account of one of our co-workers.

After creation of leads/contacts we start a Pipedrive automation to send an email with some content. And here the problems start:

In Pipedrive there isn't any option to set an email sender. Instead the creator of the artifact (here: lead or contact) will be used. This leads to a workaround, that we need to duplicate Zapier's zaps again and again and again, if we need another email sender for such a Pipedrive automation.

My idea ist that we can setup a technical account. But in Pipedrive we need to pay as it is a full featured member. This kind of user needs no permission to use the frontend only via the API.

I would like to see that such users can be created without a fee and have only this restricted abilities.

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