Handling Contacts associated with multiple orgs...

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Our customers often are multi-tenant customers. They have users and decision makers that have one email and be engaged with multiple companies inside their umbrella.

How can contacts be setup so they can be associated with multiple orgs so they can be attached to multiple deals?


  • Sophie
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    Hi @ortizmyers

    Although this is a bit of a limitation with contacts in Pipedrive, there are a few different workarounds that may help, I added some suggestions below-

    1. Using a person custom field (organization type) to note that multiple organizations are related to one contact. This would serve as more of a visual reminder that there are additional organizations linked to this contact person, it would not show as the main organization connected to this person like this. However, you are able to create a deal and link it to a contact person and an organization that is not officially linked to that contact. You can see here that I created a deal with a contact person and an organization that is not directly linked to each other.
    2. Creating Multiple contact people with the same name, linked to different organizations. This is what I would recommend in order to officially have the person and correct organization linked to each item. Although it may result in duplicate contact person names, you can always use title pre-fixes, labels, or additional custom fields to add data that differentiates one contact from another.
    3. Switch the way you use contact people and organizations- Although this isn't recommended, you can link multiple contact people to one organization so if you switch the way you add organizations and people, you will be able to make the organization the contact person and make the contact person each an organization. However, this may become confusing when it comes to default fields in Pipedrive and organizations don't have a default phone number or email fields etc

    I hope this helps!