Simple updates that would save a ton of time!!!

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Am I the only one going absolutely crazy when I need to handle multiple stakeholders and each time I open a create window and the cursor does not automatically just pops into the new window...

Creat contact, Org, Email... you name it.


  • Both ideas in the video are both good ones. It would help me to be able to a person's title from the email view. Currently that view shows the person's organization and phone numbers, and to included title in that would be helpful.

  • Now that you point it out it surprises me that the persons title is not included in the pop-up quick view when hovering over the name.

  • If you are in an organization record and click the plus sign to add a deal the curser does land in the first line of the pop-up. But as you point out it does not do the same when adding a person from the organization record.

  • Mr Haahr
    Mr Haahr Member Posts: 2
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    Yeah - I found out too that its only some places in the platform that it does not move the cursor.

    What are your thoughts long threads in the inbox?

    And what about the general indexing in search when adding people to a meeting/activity or making them the owner.

    If you have 100 Simon contacts... you are F'ed if you dont know their full name...

    The indexing and search could be more logic, like it should suggest people related or nearly related to the company/deal/mail you are working on... It makes no sende suggesting simon from company waboozaboo when you are working on Heinz ketchup company... am I making any sense?

    So many tiny things that needs to be vacuumed up before they venture of on yet another product trying to monetize further.

  • A small search enhancement that would help me a lot would be to allow me to search for deals by contact name when putting activities onto my calendar. Because I always remember the contact person, but sometimes the deal name eludes me.

    Interestingly, I can search for deals by contact name from the email interface. I can associate an email with a deal by searching on contact name. So that functionality exists in one place but not in the calendar interface.

  • When it comes to threaded mail I just can't do it for some reason. I rarely reference the pipedrive inbox and instead use apple mail to read and search for messages. I've suggested that pipedrive organize their email like the app which basically takes your email and presents it like text messages.

    So far I haven't had too many issues with search. Although there have been occasions where the field cuts off and I cannot identify if that is the record I need. We have pretty long deal names and organization names can be pretty long too because it often includes a management or parent company and then the actual site name after that. That said I will take pipedrives search over the search in Salseforce any day.