Any third-party tools to make follow up email automations be linked to the original email?

David Gjerde
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I recently set up email automation to automatically send out follow-up emails as I move my deals through the stages of my pipeline. However, I would like these emails to be connected to the original email I sent out (in the same email thread) as I've experienced that my reply rates improved then.

I checked with the Pipedrive customer team but they could verify that such a feature does not currently exist. Any Pipedrive-savvy users here who know any way to do this?


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    Hi @David Gjerde

    You are correct, unfortuntaly, within Pipedrive the only way to have emails threaded together is to reply to the thread manually. Although, I will happily pass your feedback along internally!

    I found a suggestion using Zapier from their community page here! I copied some of the text from the post below (This can be done in Zapier)-

    "As a workaround, I wonder if you could use a “Find Email” type of search action for the email app that you’re using to get details about the email thread. Then you could use a “Reply” type of action to send the reply email to that email thread. For example, Gmail has a Reply to Email action which could allow you to do that. In the Thread field (on that reply action) you’d just need to select the Thread ID of the email that was found (by the Find Email action) to make sure the reply is sent to the correct email thread."

    I hope this helps! 😊

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