What is a feature you like?


What are some of the good things about PD? What features do you particularly enjoy.

I've been liking the Group Email feature a lot lately. Some colleagues who use Hubspot wish they had that one. I often need to pose the same question to ten or a dozen contacts, and Group Email is perfect for getting that done in a way has each person thinking I have emailed them each individually.

I'm also fond of the full-text search. When a name or other topic comes up during a call and I can just type the name or keyword into the search bar and get back a list of deals, people, comments, activities, etc., that's gold to me.

So what's a favorite feature of yours?


  • Pipedrive User 164

    I like the smart docs feature. I use it to calculate the prices of services we sell with an excel spreadsheet. Depending on the type of service I have site measurement fields in the organization or deal details. after entering those measurements into pipedrive I create a calculator document and it automatically enters the pipedrave data in the spreadsheet fields and calculates a price.

    Pipedrive search is pretty darn good. Im happy with that. I use the group email feature along with the send later. Both together are very nice. It would be nice if the group email displayed the count as you were selecting contacts given that its limited to 100. I also would like if that 100 was increased to 200