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Hi there,

the multiple email sync function is for some parts of a company a really important thing. Example: CEO, CFO. or for Teams to use a single personal email and a team email: plus For the most people in the company its not important to have 2 emails synced because its only the single personal email.

In my case its like I use around 4 to 5 Mails. My teamleader uses 2 emails and all teammember uses just one. The backoffice or sales assistens uses 2.

So now we need to upgrade the hole account to enterprise just to use 5 mails for me. Or we upgrade to professional and i need to select just 2.

Why you dont make packages. Like sync up to 10 emails plus. 20 emails plus, 30 emails plus.

The multiple email sync function has nothing to do with the most other function upgrades in the plans. So why you bind it on the plans?

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    Are we any closer to getting a package for more email bundles for this?

    I could really do with that based on my current types of clients and work.