How can i Manage Different Contacts with same email and Organization?

Ale A
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In my case, organizations normally has institutional emails runs by different people over the years. For example:

"" in 2017 my contact was Megan, in 2029 George, and 2023 Peter. I can NOT change the name every time, because then we get lost on what was discuss and agree with the person before at that scpecific time.

What i do is duplicate contact, edit manually each contact's name and put "N/A" at the end to identify that is no longer working there. But for making Automatizations or Filters i'm completely in the dark.

The other case is when contacts stop working in an X position and they DO have different mail the same scenario, Automatizations and filters doesn't work.

About the merge notifications I just ignore them.

Tag for contacts is not enough.

PD needs an option "active/inactive" for contacts.


  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    @Ale A the simplest solution here may be to add a custom Person detail field. For example, call the field "Active?" and the single-options can be Active / Inactive.

    When duplicating a contact, update that field to "Inactive" for the original contact and in the duplicate, set the field to "Active." Then in your automation triggers, add a condition about that field (e.g. "Active" field is "Active"). And now you no longer need to add "N/A" in the contact name.

    When a person changes companies/jobs:

    1. Create the new Organization and connect the person to that new Organization
    2. Update their email to the new email
    3. Update the "Active" field to "Active"

    Hope this helps! If you would like any additional support, feel free to reach out.

    - Liz

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