Need beta testers for new cohort analysis tool on Pipedrive!


Hey everyone! 👋

After having been in the revenue-trenches the last few years, I often found that one of the most useful analysis involved exporting Pipedrive data and mapping it as a cohort analysis. From here, we could then drill-down into the data to run split-funnel comparisons. For example, we could compare how a given months' deals evolved over time by different rep or deal source. Or use previous cohorts' to diagnose missed revenue opportunities/missed quota.

So, I got to thinking - why not make this easier for everyone? And so I've been working on a tool that lets you do this cohort analysis in just a matter of seconds, no exporting needed. It's pretty neat!

I'm at a stage where I could use some feedback. Anyone interested in being a beta tester? Would love to hear your thoughts and get your input.

Tldr; Run cohort analysis on your Pipedrive data to uncover awesomeness!