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We utilise a sales@ inbox to receive customer enquiries. It would be useful if this mailbox could be set up in Pipedrive as a central mailbox. Then any emails received are public and can be viewed by ANY Pipedrive user. Any user can set up as a lead/Deal and any user can reply via the sales@ email address.

So users Sales Inbox contains both their own email sync and the sales@ inbox sync.

In addition the team is small and so another sales person may need to pick up someone elses sales emails. Is it not possible to have a setting that just allows users to see each others sales inbox or even just have a single sales inbox for the pipedrive organisation and have next to it the allocated user much like helpdesk/ticket software. If the allocated user is away anyone else can pick up the email.

I sort of suggested this in a support email but felt it worth sharing and expanding on the requirements more.

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  • servertastic
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    Thinking about this more it might work better allowing PIPEDRIVE users to delegate access to their Sales Inbox in the same way in Gmail you can delegate someone else to manage your inbox.

    The sales@ mailbox could then be delegated to everyone and any sales rep who will be away for a while can delegate to another person or everyoen as well.

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    Great idea here. From an operations perspective, this is a common requirement where you have a central email (or shared mailbox) that multiple users can access to allow the customer to email one email and then the work is delegated.

    This would be very useful for our 2 companies also.

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    +1 from me too! Aiding collaboration and delegation in a sales team is super-valuable.