Workflow Ideas: LinkedIn to Pipedrive Leads & Deals

Josh Monifi
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Hello! Our marketing department is interested in tracking the full life cycle of our LinkedIn ad campaigns, from ad to sold service. I am looking to hear from the Community about how you built this utilizing Pipedrive's tools and reporting. Details on what Marketing wants to track and our draft process (which we don't think will work) is below.

Marketing wants to report on how successful a LinkedIn ad campaign was, and be able to show that the campaign led to Won Deals.


  • A LinkedIn ad is run
  • Leads get funneled into Pipedrive
  • We follow-up with Leads, turn some into Deals
  • Cultivate Deals and mark them Won
  • Report on how many Deals/Value of Deals won from that specific LinkedIn campaign above.

Draft workflow:

  • A LinkedIn ad is run, with a link for folks to follow-up with us using a Web Form
  • Web form is filled out, and a Lead is generated
  • Lead is cultivated to a Deal and hopefully marked as Won.
  • <Breakdown: The Lead Conversion Insight report can be filtered down to Web Forms in general, BUT NOT a specific Web Form!>

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!