Integration with invoicing applications

Hi all, I'd love for Pipedrive to connect with invoicing applications. I tried QuickBooks but I'm not a big fan of that program. Too much focus on US and European systems. Many banks are not recognized, and multiple currencies are a hassle and quite expensive to use.

For PIpedrive it makes sense to create an invoice from the contact and the organisation overview, not only from the deal overview. I'd love to have an integration wth applications like Exact.


  • Amit Sarda (
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    Hi @Sil Thonen - setting up one using Make/Integromat or Zapier is quite straightforward. I wouldn't wait for Pipedrive to launch a native integration. :)

  • Jacob Bank
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    Hey @Sil Thonen , I work on (an alternative to Zapier and Make that were mentioned previously), and we can definitely help you set this up. You'd start at to set up your trigger, and let me know what you want to write to Exact