Best way to have EA screen emails and create deals?

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I'd like my executive assistant to screen incoming emails (to my email) and create deals based on those emails. We each have unique Pipedrive users. I want to avoid doing the initial screening and deal creation myself as I have other responsibilities.

What is the best approach to this?

  • Share a single user (mine)?
  • Sync my email to her user?
  • Something else?



  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    @adammcnamara are you still looking for a solution for this? I'd recommend:

    1. Sync your email in Pipedrive (either in your license and have her login as you or you could also sync your inbox under her Pipedrive login)
    2. She should review emails in Pipedrive
    3. From ^^, she will then have the option in the sidebar to "Link to existing deal" or "Add new deal" and she can create the deal right from the Mailbox window

    Whoever created the Deal will be default be the Person/Deal owner. It's not a huge deal, depending on how you're using Pipedrive, but if you want to be the default owner, it's probably simplest to have her do this flow logged into Pipedrive as you.

    Hope this helps!

    If you'd like any additional support, feel free to reach out.

    - Liz

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