How do I make sure a staff person has responded to all emails?

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I have a new sales person who has missed a few important emails and simply did not respond...then it got bumped down his inbox and he was completely unaware.

In Outlook, I have seen a feature when emails that dont get responded to get bumped to the top of the inbox with a reminder that you havent responded. Is there something like this in Pipedrive?

I am looking for a way 1. for him to eliminate this problem 2. For me to monitor within Pipedrive.

Thanks in Advance.


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    Hi @LindsayS

    Unfortunately, we don't have a filter option in Pipedrive to isolate emails that have not been replied to, however, that is great feedback, I will pass this along internally to our product team!

    There is the option to filter the emails by unread, but I understand there can be some times when the email is read with the intention to follow up later and then gets lost-

    Perhaps you can utilize a custom field on the item or a label on the email to note when an email has not been replied to. When you receive an email, but can not reply yet, you can assign that email a label and then filter for it at a later date.

    If the emails are shared with you, you will also be able to see them on the deals/contacts/etc and you will be able to see any replies to those emails if shared. So if there is no reply there, you will be able to monitor that!

    I hope this helps!