Is there a report where I can see all activity as a daily summary?

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I am new to managing others. My husband and I run a business together and just hired 3 sales people that I need to manage/ monitor to know what is going daily on without looking through EVERY deal in pipedrive (somethings have been missed and now I am overly paranoid, at least for now). We have a few hundred deals in pipedrive but have an extremely long sales cycle and are only actively working 10-20 deals at a time, I do not think the volume would be overwhelming. I just dont know what to "look up" to see which deals had activity, and what the activity was (email, moved stage, task complete, note written, etc). Thanks!


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    Hi @LindsayS -

    That's exciting growth. Congrats!

    There are a few different things you can use to help you monitor what's getting done.

    1. Rot can be a helpful feature to turn on so you can keep tabs on deals that have been untouched for a certain period of time (customizable by stage).
    2. If you're having your reps use activities, you can also (a) create filters to see, for example, activities completed this week and (b) overdue activities. You can also look for the yellow triangles on deals which means there's no planned activities and your reps may want to schedule a touchpoint even if it's many weeks in the future.
    3. You can also create a filter - e.g. Deal Updated this week - and see what deals were updated during the week. From that report you can't specifically see what changed, you'd have to open up the individual deal and look at the changelog for that, but it'll at least bring the list of 200 down to ~20.

    How that helps!

    - Liz

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    How about something simple:

    I get an email daily with my action items (activities) for the day. What I have to do not every little mention or action by others.

    Wish there was a way. I've searched online help to no avail..