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Projects seems like a promising section to keep working on clients under a longer period. But there is lacking alot of function. Here are some insights i would love to see, if anyone reading this in the community agrees, I encourage to upvote and engage so that Pipedrive sees the demand of these services.

- Option to create more indepth automations on projects

- Option to use projects in the mobile app

- Create notes in project - subtask

- Create seperate notes under a certain worktask so that the notes compartment does not over flow

- Instead of deadline, create the option to have an automation create a deadline after a certain action.

- Pretty much be able to handle the "projects" just as we can handle the "deals"

Thing is we use deals when the deals are actually open, Once the deal is closed usually we want to move it to a different compartment cause we also handle the customer for years after the deal is closed.

All notes, services and documentation are stored under deals but after working with a customer for a long period the "deals" get very over flowed with information.

We want to work on a deal until its "closed" there after we want to work in projects. But as of now projects does not have many function. Please understand how urgent this is for our business to create a smooth workflow and to go forward.

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  • Melvin Maniquis Andoy

    Would also love to see the ability to create Notes when using a project template

  • Jonathan Gennick
    Jonathan Gennick Member Posts: 61
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    There are a some useability issues I'd like to see addressed. One is that when an email comes in and associates with a project, there is no link underneath within the email interface to allow me to create an activity on that project like there are with deals. That is a big pain point for me. Another is that when I click on a calendar appointment that is an activity in a Project, there is no way for me to navigate directly to the project page. That is a pain point too, because I need to somehow navigate to the project page where all my notes are before I take a call with someone about the project.

  • Melvin Maniquis Andoy

    - Automations react on activites connected to projects

    - Automations connected to work task in projects

    - Assigning teams

    - Visibility restrictions and editing restrictions

    - Notes under subtasks

    - Automations to create deadlines after finished tasks.

  • Kate Harris
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    Having the ability to create a report that will appear on sales team dashboard so that they can see what stage their projects are in. Once we win a deal - it goes to projects which can sometimes take months to complete. The ability to use insights in projects as it is in deals would be extremely helpful