B2B2C sales process


Hi Pipedrivers!

Here is a question: how do you set up a pipeline for B2B2C approach? Part of our sales works in a way that we approach and make agreements with an organization, but the actual buyers of our product are the customers of that organization.

This is where we get stuck:

  1. we need the organization deal for the forecasting however we don't invoice the organization
  2. we need a deal for each individual customer to invoice

Is there a way to bring together these two "needs"?



  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @adinasmith -

    How exactly do you need to bring together those needs? I've built Pipedrive out for M&A organizations before where, through Pipedrive, my client will get a contract to sell a company. And also in Pipedrive, there will be multiple deals created for potential buyers interested in purchasing that company.

    I'm thinking your need may be somewhat similar. There are multiple ways to do this depending on which metrics you're trying to maintain or create, but it also depends on how you're currently using People / Deals / Organizations as well as how your Pipeline's are set up.

    Feel free to share more details, get in touch, or Schedule a Working Session.

    - Liz