Can't get Teams integration to work!

Stu R.
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I've been trying for an hour to get the Teams integration to work, since I want to automatically add a Teams meeting link when someone schedules a meeting with me.

I have a Teams work account and a Pipedrive Advanced plan. I've tried to sign-in and out of both Pipedrive and Teams. Clear cookies and cache. Log in incognito. The works...

From the installation guide ( it looks like I should get a message from Pipedrive bot, and then Microsoft Teams OAuth, and then a code. This is not appearing. I've tried to both "Add" the app directly, and "Add to a team".

When I add the Pipedrive integration, I just get this... (the prompts are from me)

Pls halp.


  • Stu R.
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    So it turned out that the integration does not work with the latest version of Teams. Need to use the Classic version. Problem solved.

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    To Developers: Any timeline for an update release to allow the integration with 'New Teams'?

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    Hi all,

    I have followed up with this report internally and have found that our team is actively working on making these improvements. At this time we still do not have a timeline of when this will be corrected but want to thank you for your patience in the meantime.