Emails Are Not linking to Deals for whole team

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The emails that I link to a Deal in Pipedrive, and CC in staff members in the email reply, don't appear as linked emails for other members of my team using Pipedrive in their inbox.

Pipedrive requires them to manually connect that email thread to the same ticket (Even though I have already done it with my account) for that email to show up as linked to a Pipedrive deal in the inbox view.

The really odd thing about this is, that if anyone actually goes to the Pipedrive deal view directly, you can see that the email thread is actually linked within the Pipedrive Deal/ticket view page.

Emails are not set to private and are shared by the whole team - so it's not a setting issue from what I can see.

Is there a solution or fix for this, as this is pretty problematic for my deals workflow.


In the image I am attaching to this thread, these emails have already been linked to a Pipedrive deal by another member of staff using their Pipedrive account. However, when I check my inbox in Pipedrive, these same emails don't appear connected to any deals (Red box).

But if I go and manually search for the deals, can you actually see the email thread in the Pipedrive Deal/ticket.

I'm pretty sure this isn't meant to be the way that Pipedrive works - I don't think the Pipedrive team intends every single member of a team to manually connect an email thread to the correct deal???



  • Alex G.
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    I'm having the same issue.

    My team members can't see the emails I've shared publicly at a deal or contact level.

    @SaigoNoBoss or has this been resolved?

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    Hello all,

    If your team is facing an email not linking issue, check the email integration settings. Verify the integration feature. Make sure that the email addresses correctly connect to the individual account.

    I hope this is helpful for you