NFC Business Card compatible Pipedrive

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Hello the community,

we would like to invest in NFC Business card.

In this way, could you advise a solution compatible with Pipedrive to make easy the import/export ?

Thank you


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @PimpMyCoffin there are a few Marketplace solutions that combine capturing data from business cards with Pipedrive. As far as I'm aware they are mostly based on image or QR code capturing, and not NFC.

    It might be doable using a third-party automation tool as a connector to an NFC. @David Gurr ( are you familiar with any solution for this using Make?

  • Make can connect Pipedrive with any service that has a REST API, without the need for any coding.

    It's easier if there is a prebuilt connector (or "App") in Make for the service you're interested in - there's a searchable list here.

    If there isn't an App, you can still connect using the HTTP App in Make, connecting directly to the API. You need a little more technical know-how but it's still way easier (and faster) than having someone write code!