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Hello, new here..

I have a group of contacts that I want to email 50-100 times a day from 50-100 different new deals from the DEAL PAGE. It is the same group of people, or groups of people and on occasion I will want do remove an email within the list, so as to not send to that person.


I have 13 contacts that I want to email in a group email in every deal from the DEAL PAGE, how do I simply email all of them at the same time by choosing a group list or contact list? Ideally the email will show as a single email out delivery as to not show the contacts who all is being CCed, but that is not technically critical at this time. Note I will be attaching 1 document to an email recieved, and forwarding that email to this group, many many many times a day. Ideally I have 4 separate groups that I can label and then easily choose from


GROUP1 has 13 members (all)

GROUP 2 has 7/13 of group

GROUP 3 has 4/10 of the group

GROUP 4 has 9/13 of the group

Is there a shortcut to doing this, instead of going outside of Pipedrive, and using the contact lists from outlook, and then copying and pasting the DEAL URL, into the BCC--uggh

I need to simplify this process, and keep track of the emails, who read who replies etc...and i want to stop going outside of PD to do it? I do this thousands of times a month, that I want to simplify, by ultimately auto sending to these each specific contact GROUP based upon what I categorize as what group receives each email, when I move it into a specific stage. I need to copy and paste information into the body of the email, so each send from the DEAL PAGE is a unique email but quite similar.

Any help here please, I have organized all the contacts as organizations, and they are all related as sisters, that I want to email, and I have tagged them all uniquely, as members of that unique group, who will receive what I send to them daily.


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