New filter conditions "is one of" and "contains one of"


could you please add another criterion "is one of" / "contains one of" next to the conditions "is", "is not", "hes been", "contains", "does not contains", "is empty", "is not empty", with which you can enumerate the elements of the field, which should all trigger a hit in the filter.

Especially when building filters where multiple stages can be named or many values need to be filtered from a multiple selection field, you quickly run up against the current limit of rows you can specify. But with such a query everything could be defined with a single line. 

In the second picture you can see well a filter, in which only two stages of 6 pipelines are to be filtered. With the new condition, this filter would consist of only 3 lines, but currently it cannot be rebuilt or edited because it exceeds the maximum of 10 lines.

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