Introducing Projects API in public BETA

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What is new?

We’re launching three new API resources with a range of endpoints to help you modify the data around the Projects feature space, allowing integrations and automations to join in on providing solutions in the project and task management problem space. The endpoints are tied with the Projects add-on which has to be enabled for the functionality to be used.

Projects API allows to create and manage ongoing, completed or canceled projects attached to an organization, person or to deals. Each project has an owner and must be placed in a phase. Each project consists of standard data fields but can also contain a number of custom fields. The custom fields can be recognized by long hashes as keys.

ProjectsTemplates API allows to have a reusable and dynamic structure to simplify creation of a project. Project templates can contain information about activities, tasks and groups that will be used when creating a project. Currently, only GET functionality is available.

Tasks API allows to create and manage actions that need to be completed inside a project. A task must be associated with a project. Tasks have an optional due date, can be assigned to a user and can have subtasks.

All new endpoints support querying based on cursor pagination. The endpoints are also included in two new OAuth scopes: Projects read and Projects full, see the full division of endpoints in scopes here.

Timeline of the launch

We’re releasing the public BETA today, October 17th, and the API will be available for usage and testing on all accounts. We’ll notify you here in the changelog once the full version of the API is released, so remember to subscribe. Keep in mind that between the BETA and the full release of the API, the endpoints are subject to changes.