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I am new to Pipedrive and have tried for the past 2 days to get in contact with support or log a ticket. I sent an email to the listed support email, and then I received an auto-response that it's no longer being monitored and I am to use the live chat.

I have used the live chat and the bot keeps bringing me in circles and not addressing my question and there is no way to escalate or escape the bot's pre-built responses. Once the bot believes it has responded to the query, it closes the chat without confirmation that the issue was actually resolved.

I'm hoping someone can provide insight as to how support is provided in Pipedrive and all the support channels.

My issue currently is with emails not being synced, I cleared the previously synced messages and tried resyncing and there is nothing being synced. There is a usage limit warning in settings but I have no idea how to get this reset given the messages were deleted and I am resyncing the mailbox.

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  • Good day Orane

    I am a Pipedrive partner. I am very sorry to hear that your first experience is not fully positive.

    Happily email integration is generally very good in Pipedrive. I am optimistic that this might be an easy fix, and I would be happy to help. No cost, no obligation.

    If you are still needing help with this, or any other, problem, I invite you to please contact me.

    Joseph Valenti

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    I can't get support now either, the option disappeared.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue. How can I reach their support? Their bot doesn't provide typical customer support.

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    Hate to break the news to you Alex however Pipedrive has turned off all support functions or so it seems. Support is now something you have to pay for.

  • In an earlier post, I mentioned that Support is indeed available from Pipedrive. In my experience as a Pipedrive Partner, and with decades of experience in the software industry, I can confirm that Pipedrive's support team is very good. I seldom have issues with them, or with the quality of their staff.

    If you really are having a problem reaching them, please contact me directly. I would be happy to try to find the resources you need from them.

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    We have to be honest and real about the reality.

    This is the automated response from [email protected]


    Thank you for contacting Pipedrive Support.


    This channel is not currently available for contact. If you are experiencing technical issues, please reach out to us through the chat available on your Pipedrive account.

    To get technical assistance, please log in to your Pipedrive account and click the “Quick help” question mark, then “Chat with us”."

    Trying the chat just leaves you in endless cycles of chats that get you closed out.

    For me personally, I have been able to save emails of previous support members which seems to get me help however we need to be honest in that Chat support is mostly disabled unless you are on a premium package or have multiple members.