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Hello, I've set up an automation that allows for an activity to be created as soon as a prospect opens an email. The problem is that when a contact opens the email 4 times, it creates 4 activities. Is it possible to limit it to only creating one activity?

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    Not without adding custom fields to track if an activity has already been created. Besides, you will have to implement it for every email sent you want to track this for.

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    Hi @BRB -

    This is not a perfect solution, but one option is to add a condition "Person undone activities count is less than 1" or "Deal undone activities count is less than 1," depending on where you're creating your activity.

    The one drawback of this option is that if there is a different planned activity, this activity wouldn’t get created, but it would at least prevent multiple of the same activities from being created.

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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