Limited # of Fields available in Automations?


I am trying to create a workflow automation that produces an email to notify our administrative team to enter the lead's primary information, contact information and organizational information into our primary business management system when the deal passes a certain stage in our pipeline. This can't be accomplished via an API quite yet. So the automated email needs to contain a number of standard and custom fields for deal, contact and property.

Unfortunately, I'm getting stuck with only a limited set of standard and custom fields being visible to add to the email template. For instance, I can get the contact's name, phone and email but can't include custom fields for primary and secondary addresses, etc.

For organization, I can get the organization name and address but not other fields including some custom ones that we created.

What am I doing wrong here?

See example of what I'm trying to do below. Ideally I'd add more fields but I'm only seeing a limited set in the dialogue box (see image further below)

The following Pipedrive Deal needs to be entered into Aspire

Deal ID: 1 Deal ID

Deal Owner Name: 1 Deal owner name

Deal Name: 1 Deal title

Property Name: 1 Deal organization name

Contact Name: 1 Deal contact person name

1 Proposal Templates Required

1 Deal contact person name

1 Deal contact person email

1 Deal contact person phone

1 Deal organization address


  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @AG_Green -

    I think you're right where you need to be! If you don't see the fields you want, you can start typing the field name in the search box and then it will show more options. See this quick video for an example.

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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  • AG_Green
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    Hi @Liz (Ops Designed) -

    Thanks so much for this! Unfortunately, even when typing into the search box, several of my custom fields do not appear (I have 30/100 custom fields). Is there something else I'm doing wrong?

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
    Liz (Ops Designed) Member Posts: 206
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    @AG_Green could it be that the custom fields you're looking for aren't Deal Fields? For example, are they Person or Org fields? If so, using workflow automation you have to essentially add in steps for a little hack. Here's the summary of what you need to do:

    1. Trigger, same as it is (and in this example, I assume it's a Deal Trigger)
    2. ADD an “Update Person” step - you don’t actually need to update anything, but click next and select "1. Deal contact person" you should select "Name" and then “Deal Contact Person” from step #1
    3. Then, all of the sudden in this step, you'll have the option to create an instant condition using deal detail fields (from step 1) AND/OR person detail fields (from step 2)

    This same process can be applied to get Org details (step two, "Update Org" etc.). Hope that works!

  • AG_Green
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    @Liz (Ops Designed) Yes that helps! I actually found another work around which is to create my email using a template (that I created within a deal). The template allows for the custom fields from deal, contact and organization. So now I am good to go without applying the hack above. Many thanks!