Mandatory Fields - Feedback on Current Implementation

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Just a couple of items of feedback for the implementation of mandatory fields.

First off, thanks for building this. It is an essential part of a functional CRM.

A couple of things I noticed:

  1. The help balloon says: 

    Required fields - When adding deals or moving deals between stages in a pipeline, the user must fill in empty required fields.

    This doesn't work like that at this moment. While you can add required custom fields for deals and indicate which pipeline they should apply to, you can not select individual stages yet. The important fields section does allow you to do it - so I am hoping this is the direction we're going with mandatory field.
  2. One thing I don't understand, maybe I am missing the logic here, is why if I create a custom field for deals and make it required, it now automatically also is added to the "add new" card for person and organization and I cannot uncheck it.  For instance, if I add "industry" as a mandatory field for object organization, why does it now show "industry" in the deal card when I add a new deal? 

    It creates a correlation that doesn't exist and adds clutter. Please allow that determination to be made by an administrator
  3. Required custom fields are not yet supported in Products. 
  4. Much requested - add the capability of setting visibility settings for fields. Many use cases available, not the least that you do not want everyone to see everything (ie a sales rep shouldn't shouldn't see financial values in custom fields)
  5. Please also expand with the ability to lock fields. As an example - changing an address for a lead is something the person having access should do. Changing the shipping address of an existing client regular users shouldn't be able to touch and edit.




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    Some great points! 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Wow @Jan Visser as always great suggestions! 🚀  
    I can tell you the stage setting like in important fields is something in the plans. For the rest I'm going to make sure our product manager sees your comments so this helps him plan the next steps of this area. 

    Thanks for sharing again!

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    Updating on this post to let you know that Required Fields are now selectable by individual pipeline stage - see more here

  • Jan Visser_342
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    Updating on this post to let you know that Required Fields are now selectable by individual pipeline stage - see more here