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We have a request to be able to pre-fill fields on demand. I.e. there is a fee, or a clause that we always want to be a certain way so that it would reduce time spent on creating a deal as the value is set, let's say at $500. Now, there can be exceptions, so then the field can be edited for, say, $450. But, until this field is edited, it should always be as the pre-filled value when setting up the field. I have a feeling that this might help a lot of users (us, definitely) to save some time filling the data fields for the deals/leads.


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    Hi @Andri

    This is something that you can easily do within Workflow Automation. I am an advocate for reducing the amount of manual data entry needed, so I include automations like this for my clients.

    Here is what the automation would look like to automatically populate the Deal Value when a Deal is created.

    You could also take it a step further and introduce conditions if you have some consistent parameters for your Deals. So, for example, if the Deal Source is Website, then the Deal Value is $500. 

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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