Looking for a way to integrate Google Ads and Pipedrive in order to use conversion value bidding

The current situation is my client uses Pipedrive to manually record leads and deals. We're looking to move this along to be fully automated from their website forms.

I believe that currently, they are using some kind of WordPress form. My understanding is that in order to build the connection required in Zapier, we'd need the GCLID to be recorded from within the form submission - my first question is: is this only possible using Pipedrive's form solutions?

My second question would then be, if we switch to Pipedrive forms then are these forms fully adaptable to the same look and feel of the current lead form and website as a whole?

We ultimately need a solution where 1) Pipedrive leads are recorded as conversions in Google Ads (and attributed correctly) and 2) If and when those leads convert, the conversion value information is pulled into and updated in Google Ads (scenario being: we want to optimise for leads/conversions of a higher value).

Apologies as my area of expertise is Google Ads, so this is slightly on the peripheral of my territory. Any advice on the most cost-effective and reliable way of achieving this would be hugely helpful.