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Kirk Larson
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A couple Postman questions.

  1. Where can I see the Pipedrive version, in my Postman?
  2. If I import a newer Pipedrive version into my Postman... the import will only overwrite the existing items with in the collection... correct? It won't change anything that I have created, with my data in it... correct?


  • Mykola Zhuk
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    Hello, Kirk

    1. Open Postman. In the top-left corner, next to the collection or request name, you'll find version information, like 'v1.0.' This shows the current version you're using.
    2. Correct, importing a newer version of Pipedrive into Postman will only overwrite existing items in your collection, and it won't impact the data you've entered. Your settings, preferences, and data in Postman will remain unchanged. A new version may bring updated or additional features, but it won't affect your existing data and settings in Postman.