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Carol Chandler
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Hello, I have been trialing the professional package but too large for our company and want to sign up on the essential package but can't see how and need some advice please.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Carol Chandler , you can access your account's billing section and make changes to your plan there. Here's where to find it.

  • Carol Chandler
    Carol Chandler Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you for your reply essential is promoted at £14.90 a month but billing is showing £21.90?

  • Sophie
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    Hi @Carol Chandler!

    The currency and cost for your Pipedrive account invoice are determined by the billing address provided in the billing details. Unfortunately, due to external factors such as VPNs or other location-based constraints, a different currency or cost may have been displayed on the pricing page.

    The cost and currency that appear when you enter your billing details will be the correct cost for your plan. I hope this helps to clarify! If you are having any difficulties with this, please reach out to support via the chat option in your account!