Pipedrive Leadbooster Web Form ? good ?

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Previously we were using Elementor form, but as there is no native integration with pipedrive, we think about moving to another form solution

What about Pipedrive leadbooster web form ?

Any of you here has tried it ? what is your experience with it ?

easy to customize ? easy to add custom fields, to integrate on a wordpress page ? what about spam ? web performance ?

Thank you !


  • Mykola Zhuk
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    Hello Charles,

    We configured Pipedrive LeadBooster, and they work well, allowing visitors to your website to leave their contact information, such as name, email address, phone number, and other details. This data is automatically recorded in Pipedrive as potential leads, making the lead collection and management process more efficient.

    Personalization and customization: Pipedrive provides tools for easy customization of web forms, allowing you to add your own fields and tailor the form's appearance to match your brand and needs.

    Integration with WordPress: To integrate Pipedrive web forms with your WordPress site, you can use plugins available for WordPress. These plugins typically offer a straightforward way to insert the web form code into your site's pages and posts. This is usually easy and requires minimal technical skills.

    Spam protection: Pipedrive offers tools to protect your web forms from spam, such as using reCAPTCHA. This helps ensure that you receive only genuine requests from potential clients.

    Web performance and analytics: Pipedrive also provides analytical tools that allow you to track the performance of your web forms. You can monitor how many leads they generate and conduct an analysis of conversions and other metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing.

    Setting up and using Pipedrive LeadBooster web forms is generally intuitive and typically does not require special development skills. However, for more advanced customization and integration with your WordPress site, some technical expertise or developer assistance may be necessary.

    Overall, Pipedrive LeadBooster web forms can be a powerful tool for lead collection and management, improving your marketing strategy, and increasing conversion rates on your website.

  • CharlesV
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    Thank you Mykoza for this detailed analysis !

    we will test Leadbooster

    By the way if any Pipedrive team member goes by this post, please make the notifications emails of this board on light background, right now we get them on white text on black background it hurts my eyes :)

    could it be like any other board on light background ?

    thanks a lot :)

  • Andrus Purde
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    My two cents: Leadbooster Web Forms are easy to set up and customizable as @Mykola Zhuk described.

    The only situation I'd suggest to use something else is when you'd need to capture the source/medium/UTM tag information for each lead. Afaik Leafbooster forms won't be able to provide that information, so the only way to understand lead source would be to direct traffic from each source and campaign to a different landing page and form.

  • CharlesV
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    Thank you for this information !

    Anyone else tried leadbooster forms ?