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Megan Anna
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It would be more than helpful to have an updated/upgraded way to send emails to groups larger than 100 people. Currently, it will only send out to 100 at a time, which is fine, except for that it doesn't have an option after that to follow-up with sending to the rest of the people. Thanks!


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    Hi, we're new to PipeDrive. We're not able send out email blasts to over 100 people at at time? Seems a bit odd. Can someone kindly confirm this?

  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Megan Anna👋

    @Megan Anna I'd like to leave a suggestion maybe it can help! If you want you can apply a filter like this one for example:

    So what that does is it will slowly remove the people that an email was sent and you can then be sure that those people you have not yet sent an email to. I'd recommend that you refresh the browser to be sure the people you see remain updated as emails are sent within a 30-second time between them.

    I hope that helps!

    @QP_Admin There is indeed a limit of 100 emails as this serves to prevent your email provider from thinking that you are sending spam. That is in place to make sure users are not flagged as spammers.