Can I export the list of "Organizations nearby" in the map-view?


just recently I found out about a nice feature:

If you click on an andress of an organization (that is encoded in the right way) - a new window pops up with google maps.

There you can set the radius to show other organizations nearby. So far a really nice feature.

But it would really help us if we could use (e.g. for a local mailing campaigne) or export that list somehow.

Anyone know a solution? Maybe it already is available in another place and I just couldn't find it?

I'm talking about the red marked list of companies nearby.

Right now we have to open every single one in a new tab and work from there.

Would be great to somehow be able to use that list in a more efficient way.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Janosch Wechsler 👋

    Actually, there's no option to export that list, it would be great to have that option! If the address is geo-located, it basically uses Google Maps to bring that information and then by setting up a radius you can view the nearby location, it's a great feature indeed! I'm not sure how that would be implemented, but I think it's a great idea.

    I suggest you add this in the Ideas and Feedback section of the community so other people can also vote on it!