New Deal Layout

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Hi Guys,

We have very reluctantly had to move over to the new deal layout which is not at all convenient for our business. Previously whenever going into a 'deal' it was very easy to sift between the contact card and the deal - now there is a 'Summary' section to have to go too to find a link to the client to go back to the contact card. Is anyone else experiencing the same frustration?

Also, the 'value' of the deal is within a drop down summary section - its probably the most important part of a deal for us so having it in the top left corner was very convenient - its now faffing about trying to find bits of information instead of seeing it at a glance.

It would make much more sense to have a clickable link for the contact card and the value back in the top left above the deal title (as per previous deal layout) to make it smoother for moving about the system. Thoughts?


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