Integration Pipedrive + Contabilium ERP

Does anyone have connected Pipedrive with Contabilium ERP?


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    @David Gurr ( , do you know a way to do this with Make? Thanks!

  • David Gurr (
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    There isn't (yet) a prebuilt connector in Make for Contabilium, but you can use Make to connect with any SaaS solution that has a REST API - without coding.

    Make includes an HTTP connector that allows you to send messages to any REST API endpoints, and will even handle authentication for you.

    The only problem is that I can't find any public information on the Contabilium API ... the button on this page to find out more about their API just leads to their signup page.

    @RodrigoMolina if you have any API docs and can share them with my by DM I'll be happy to help where I can!