Sales Inbox - Keyboard shortcuts and fewer clicks required

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Hi Pipedrive team! Sales Inbox is a great concept, but if it is 2 to 3 times slower to process an email inbox than something like Gmail or Outlook, it reduces our team's productivity and creates resistance from the team to use the Sales Inbox in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive has got to be the shortcut (the fastest way), not "the long way 'round".

Please implement the following in Sales Inbox:

  • Keyboard shortcut for Archive
  • Keyboard shortcut for Delete
  • Provide a settings option for what appears After Archive or Delete: (1) Go to Inbox or (2) Go to Next Message. The latter is twice as efficient for processing an email inbox not just because it requires half as many key presses, but because it also removes the habit of "cherry picking" through an inbox (deciding which email to open next) which is also a waste of time.
  • Provide a settings option to remove the Deletion Confirmation message of "Are you sure you want to delete this email conversation from Pipedrive? You can't undo this action."." This is super-tedious to have to click each time. Plus it requires more mouse usage. Fast and efficient use of email requires the use of keyboard shortcuts. Anyone using a mouse is moving along at a leisurely pace, imho.

There are plenty more keyboard shortcuts that would be useful in Sales Inbox (see Gmail's and Outlook's for example), but the ones I listed above are the main ones that would give quick productivity gains.

I figure that the two-way sync ability was a pretty significant achievement for the dev team (it's awesome, well done!) and that simply refining Sales Inbox now to be practical and efficient with a few keyboard shortcuts and some settings is something you could implement quickly and easily. 🤞

Thanks for considering this request! ~MC